How We Operate

Subsea services explained

Acteon takes a fresh approach to subsea operations. We are not constrained by a requirement to maximise the use of manufacturing assets or a fleet of vessels. This means that we are free to deliver services that are aligned to what clients need rather than those that serve our business objectives.

Delivering what clients need sometimes means having to do things differently. Our approach places a high priority on innovative thinking, defining the most appropriate tools and techniques, and modifying existing systems or developing new solutions so they deliver exactly what our clients need and can afford.

Innovations devised and developed by Acteon companies give our clients a wider range of options for their subsea activities. The business benefits to our clients are direct cost or time savings made possible by the novel technologies or more efficient working methods we devise.

Acteon companies are industry leaders and work together to fill a gap in the subsea market. Our collaborative business model is combined with a high degree of flexibility, service quality and a flair for fresh thinking. We believe this provides our clients with unrivalled support and the linked services they need to complete large and complex subsea projects.